Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sex and Breakfast

Last night was our annual Secret Santa dinner with my best friends. We've been doing it for a few years now, and we're all hopeful we'll be able to continue the tradition for years to come. What did we mostly talk about? Sports and the lack of our ability to talk to women. Surprisingly, both Jon and Will jumped in the conversation (in regards to women), although I think that was mostly for Robby and my benefit. At one point at dinner, we started to discuss one of our favorite celebrity blog sites, www.idontlikeyouinthatway.com. I think it stemmed from Jon's email earlier in the day sharing his new blog site (the muse of this very blog). One Miss Eliza Dushku is posted on the site as being topless. Once upon a time, I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer and had a thing for "Faith" (fans of the show would know that's her character's name). So anyways, Will then spouted off he saw a movie with her recently titled 'Sex and Breakfast' which she appears nude. Me being a 26 year old single guy couldn't resist and immediately said I'll be netflixing the movie. The movie is an Indie movie and therefore also attracts me for other reasons. I tend to like to watch any movie made, but Indie movies often go underrated. After dinner and MNF, I checked to see if I could add the movie to my queue only to notice that it was available for instant watching. I'd never streamed a video to my laptop from netflix, and it was only 1230, so I figured I'd give it a whirl until I fell asleep.

Low and behold, first person you see in the movie is Alexis Dzenia. I understand that I probably watch more tv and movies than a majority of the world, but she's the girl from Invasion. (A show which I was very disappointed they cancelled after one season on ABC) From the start, how could I possibly go wrong with this movie, Eliza Dushku, Alexis Dzenia and Mr. Home Alone himself, McCauley Culkin, in a movie about sex. (I prefer his brother Rory in another Indie flick, Igby Goes down). Okay let's be honest, this could go very wrong, very quickly. I see a lot of movies, and anyone who knows me well knows that I usually find some redeeming factor in any movie I watch. I often say, "Oh, that movie wasn't bad." There have been a lot of movies lately about 20 somethings and the problems with relationships, but its rare you get the plot of a movie to focus on how their sex life is boring. Anyone who's been in a long term relationship knows that it always starts off quite hot, but then starts to become more routine and you try and add flair anyway you can. So from that aspect, I think a lot of viewers can relate to what the director is trying to portray. I think it is a bit more of a stretch for the couple's first reaction is to rely on group sex, but maybe I'm a bit more old fashioned. The movie wasn't great by any means, but had points which made you reflect on any relationship you might have had and the troubles that people undergo.

My 3 biggest problems with the movie:

- No nude Eliza Dushku.

- McCauley Culkin's sex face is quite frightening. Guys, let's all hope we look nothing like that while we're sleeping with a girl.

- the character Ellis not wanting a threesome.

I'm going to be rating all the movies I watch (or at least some of them) on scale of 1-5 Manatees.

Sex and Breakfast : 1.5 Manatees


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