Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pride and Glory

I remember when I first saw a preview for this movie on tv a few months back. I was pretty excited since it had Ed Norton, Colin Farrell and Jon Voight. Most people hate Colin Farrell in movies and I completely understand that. I've seen a good number of bad performances by him, but 'The Recruit' has always been a secret favorite of mine. So pretty much, I saw this movie because of the actors and not really about the story.

Basic plot is that Edward Norton, Colin Farrell and Jon Voight are all part of a cop family in New York. One of them (Colin Farrell) is a bad cop and now he has to turn him in. The story is very old and the movie has been done so many times over. Crooked cops in New York City, shocker. Most recently, it was 'We Own the Night' which was close to the same story (small differences here and there).

So the story is trite, the acting is okay at best. Edward Norton's performance was on par with his usual work. Colin Farrell was pretty much horrible as always (he definitely peaked in 'The Recruit'. I'm a sucker for Jon Voight, anyone that can create offspring that looks like Angelina Jolie is A-okay in my book. There was a speech he had at dinner at which point he talks about how proud he is of his family. It was a touching moment in the movie as it creates the necessary characterization for a part later in the movie. Overall, I'd say that most likely no one will see this movie and a majority of my readers have probably not even heard of the movie, you all aren't missing very much.

I give the movie 1.5 Manatees.


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