Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's going to be Legen....wait for it...Dary!

So approximately a year ago, there was a deal on one of my favorite websites, www.slickdeals.net What was it? The first 3 seasons of How I met your mother ran me a grand total of $27. I had never seen the show, but heard positive remarks from two separate people. Because its me, that was good enough to make the purchase. Okay..okay, let's be honest, if I heard a negative remark, I probably still would have made the purchase.

After episode one, I was sold. The cast was great, Jason Segel always was worth a good laugh, Alyson Hannigan looks ridiculously good, NPH is well...NPH and I feel like Ted Moseby is like someone in everyone's group of friends. The hopeless romantic that believes in fairy tale endings, only he's a dude instead of a chick.

The dynamic between the group of friends and the endless sexual tension between Ted and Robin is just fun to watch. You have the married couple that are always happy, the alpha male that just likes to sleep with women, the hopeless romantic and the girl that people want to sleep with but don't because they are friends.

It's been a long time since I've really enjoyed a true 30 min sitcom, probably the days of Seinfeld, Scrubs etc.. Obviously there is the Office now, but I think you get the gist. I beg you, if you like comedies and you are my age, you will love How I met your mother. Go rent it/buy it/borrow it immediately.

5 out of 5 Manatees.


Laura said...

or borrow mine! oh i love it! it is the best! i can't wait til october when my pre-ordered season 4 shows up.

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