Monday, July 27, 2009

Live at Radio City

So it seems that in this world, you have two types of people. Those that really like Dave Matthews Band, and those that really don't. Maybe its because some people equate DMB to summer drinking and smoking weed and that's why people like it? Nostalgia? And others think that he comes out with a new CD every year for the past 20 years (actually pretty true) and all of his music is so similar. There is so much good music in the world, why not explore it more? Well I love DMB and I love other music. This past weekend I went to Kings Dominion and pulled a Will Peng (lost my phone) so I was a bit cutoff from the outside world as all my roommates were out of town. This morning I popped in the Dave Matthews Band - Live at Radio City bluray. I was never a big 'lets watch a concert on dvd' type of guy, but I figured it was good background music and watching while I cleaned my room etc.

So why did I choose this in particular? one person really, Tim Reynolds. Growing up, Dave & Tim Live at Luther College was my favorite CD. A) I love DMB as I mentioned, but when he performs with Tim Reynolds, you get the mix of all the great songs you like, but with a slightly different feel, especially with all the newer songs (Live at Luther College was recorded in 95). So you pretty much have 2 guys on stage with acoustic guitars playing these songs that would normally have 7 different musicians. Does everyone remember all those 'unplugged' CDs that MTV came out with back in the day? I dunno what it is about Acoustic guitars that are so awesome, but anytime I listen to an acoustic song, it makes me want to learn how to play the guitar. Its a damn shame that I'm so horrible at it. My finger dexterity is the absolute worst.

Tim Reynolds must be one of the most talented guitarists of our generation. I put him up there with John Mayer. I know what most of you are thinking, John Mayer is a douche. Well I really liked his older stuff, but I did in fact see him in concert and it is irrefutable that he is an extremely talented guitarist. But Tim Reynolds is something else, let me tell you. Being able to watch him play is really quite a spectacle. The last rift on their rendition of Lie in our Graves is absolutely amazing. There was one cover they also did that I never heard before titled 'Down by the River' (no not the SNL skit) that was really pretty awesome. I'm actively seeking a copy of this album specifically for that song.

If you liked Live at Luther College, then you will love this CD as well. They put on quite the show and its always amazing to listen to. I know that the two of them don't go on tour very much (this tour in 07 was only 3 locations, and I almost attended this one) but next time they go on tour together, I will travel to see it and spend the $100+ for a ticket. I have yet to see #41 live which is my favorite DMB song of all time, and possibly favorite song in general. Any takers? I can't go on this destination concert alone...


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