Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Battlestar Galactica / Caprica

I know what everyone is already thinking. Man, Rick is the biggest geek in the world. But let me ask you, why is anything sci-fi geeky? Is it because of what people think of when they think of Star Wars or Star Trek? Is there just a stigma associated with it? I watched Star Trek as a kid, that doesn't mean I had an awkward social life (I did, but not in relation to the TV show...or maybe it was..) The new Star Trek film comes out in a couple weeks. I don't think I've been so excited for a movie in quite some time. The previews look great. It's JJ Abrams and I pretty much love anything this guy does. It has Harold from Harold and Kumar, Simon Pegg, the bad dude/good dude from Heroes. Good cast and what is bound to be a good film. I will be forcing you all to see this with me at midnight. Here's the trailer.

So after that little tangent. back to the focus of this post. Battlestar Galactica was an old '70s show that they started anew about 5 years ago. My brother got me onto the show as he usually does with most shows. I must admit. I was extremely impressed from the get go. There have been a few movies, and 5ish seasons, but the series finale went down not too long ago. I've found myself running through season 4/5 and I forgot how good it really is. It's won countless awards and is even the source of its own spinoff which I believe some network is picking up. (Not sure which). The pilot is called Caprica, which is one of the 12 planets in which humans live before the war went down. Seems quite interesting as well.

I give the show 4.5 Manatees. So that in itself should be reason enough to check it out.


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