Monday, May 4, 2009


There was a lot of press about this movie for a short period of time. What was the press about? This girl in this costume:
Don't get me wrong, this is the only reason I heard of this movie. But to be honest, my love for Veronica Mars aside, it turned out to have a lot of pretty funny cameos. Seth Rogan showed up as two separate character. Jay and Silent Bob. William Shatner even. The main characters were people you'd recognize from a handful of movies. It was most likely a very fun movie to make, but the movie itself was sort of more serious than I thought. The reason for the road trip was something that was a bit more serious than expected, but not in a bad way.

I wouldn't say that this type of humor would mesh with a lot of people, but there are definitely some solid laughs to be had. Without giving much of the plot away, there is a group of friends, road trip, friendships renewed, love found, happy ending. The movie wasn't too long and it didn't even really drag on too much. Not something I would say is worth making time for, but you most likely would not regret sitting back to it on a lazy day.

But while I'm on the subject mentioned above, Miss Kristin Bell is a gem in my eyes. Very cute, but not to the extent she's unattainable. I first came across her in her old UPN show, Veronica Mars, that was later transitioned over to the CW before being unjustly cancelled after three seasons. If you aren't too familiar with her, she was in fact Sarah Marshall, another great movie that gets better with each viewing. If you need a new show to pick up and like shows that you can just catch up on via DVD, I strongly recommend Veronica Mars. My brother, shocker, got me onto it and I was amazingly surprised by the quality of it. I bet if it was on another network, say...ABC, it would have had a stronger following. No Netflix? Use me. I am the proud owner of all seasons.


Laura said...

oh i loved veronica mars and was actually recently thinking that i wished i could watch some episodes again. i might take you up on that.

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