Thursday, May 28, 2009

No internet?!?

I find it amazing how dependent society is on the internet. Maybe its just me? Granted, I'm an electronicphile, but still. Yes, I made that word up. Add it to your vocabulary. I moved in approximately 2 weeks ago and I don't get internet until June 2. Not only has this move been very trying on my blogging, but having no internet has been absolutely horrible. I can't surf at work as much, I depend on my iphone in order to check on Fantasy baseball and the latest celebrity blogs. Gchat to stay in touch with people from time to time. It makes me think back to the days of when I used AOL dialup, when I used to download MP3s from FTP websites.

I look at my nephew and wonder what his life is going to be like growing up with all this technology. At less than 3, he was using my brother's iPhone to play games. Sadly, he probably knows how to use more features for the iPhone than I do.

Anyways, for the handful of readers I have, I wanted to add a quick post while I'm sitting in Robby's parents basement, choosing not to sleep before my trip out to the West Coast.


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