Monday, February 2, 2009

The Day the Earth Stood Still

I know I'm an odd character strictly based on the fact that I enjoy Keanu Reeves films. Maybe it was Speed that won me over, or the more obvious choice, The Matrix trilogy. But nevertheless, pretty much any movie he stars in, I have the desire to watch. I remember seeing previews for this movie and me getting extremely excited. But I think that was a combination of both special effects, which i don't think anyone would argue looked pretty cool and Jennifer Connelly who I've had a crush on since her young acting days of Higher Learning.

I was told from several sources that the movie was horrible. My roommate told me that original was good, but that most remakes are bad. For once, I should have probably listened to him. The story itself was innovative and creative. The screenplay was just very hollow. I know that seems like an odd way to describe a movie, but nothing was ever really developed. Characterization was at a pure minimum, and Kathy Bates character seemed completely unbelievable. Perhaps I'm sexist, but I find it hard to believe a Secretary of Defense being a woman. It seemed like an odd casting and they really just wanted her big actress name.

So were there redeeming factors to seeing this movie? I think that Will Smith's kid definitely has a future in film. Jennifer Connelly's role was nothing to boast about, however I think she did the best she could do given her role. Keanu Reeves was emotionally distant, similar to his other roles. Special effects were cool and since I'm completely addicted to Friday Night Lights currently, Kyle Chandler's appearance was a nice bonus. For those of you who don't know who Coach Eric Taylor is, perhaps you are more familiar with his earlier role in the TV show Early Edition.

I give the movie 1.5 Manatees.


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