Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So I know that I traditionally only write about movies, but I had a hot debate with a Ms. Katie Sheehan about this show. As a side note, she says she reads this blog, but I'm a bit skeptical.

So the question at hand: Is LOST better than sex?

Seems like a silly question, I'm sure. But speaking as a guy that wishes he had more sex (I guess what guy doesn't), even for me, its not so simple of a question. So I guess we need to break it down. What makes LOST so good? It's been on the air for 5 years now. It never answers questions you have, always produces more questions, and rarely actually gives a straight response. Somehow, JJ Abrams and the writers are able to keep viewers interested and not overly frustrated. The show is a masterpiece. What other questions do you need to ask? Does the show leave you satisfied? Yes and no. I feel like so much happens, but we're still at square one. I never think an episode is pointless.

So lets breakdown sex. Considering I've seen the female form in the flesh like twice in my life, maybe I'm not the appropriate person to break this act down, but I'll give it my best. The 'old college try' if you will. Sadly, this is also what I tell a girl beforehand. Sex is fun, creative, innovative. Leaves one satisfied. Is the end climatic? absolutely, otherwise it wouldn't be called the end (at least for men).

Interesting question... Is the end of each episode of LOST climatic? Absolutely. Is the show fun, creative, innovative? yup. check. check. check. Am I satisfied afterwards? You betcha. Where does the big difference between the two lie then? Lost is a guaranteed hour of excitement. I won't make any general judgments, but lets call a spade a spade. After sex are you left wanting more? If you're a guy, more than likely all you want to do is sleep. I don't want to sleep after Lost. God didn't program me to be tired after watching LOST. I want to watch more LOST. It may be different from a girl's perspective, so I guess I'll let Katie chime in on that one.

So pros and cons: Both are creative, innovative, exciting, climatic. Pro of LOST: lasts a guaranteed 60 min. Satisfying, yet leaves you wanting more.

A tough combination to say the least.

On paper, I would have to say that LOST wins. But then again, if there was a naked girl in my bed and an episode of LOST was on, I'd probably DVR the show and have some fun. Hey, like I said earlier, gotta call a spade a spade, I'm still a guy.


Nubes said...

I think the answer is to have the girl lie naked in bed waiting for you as you watch LOST. That will make both more exciting.

BigRobWilley said...

Girl? Naked? Sex? What?!

Your Humble Narrator said...

I'll go with Lost b/c Sawyer really gets me off

adam said...

Lost doesn't care whether or not you sleep over.

keiai said...

LOST is never predictable. I have never been bored watching an episode of LOST. LOST always leaves me both satisfied and wanting more. While I love to talk about and analyze LOST, I can easily go to bed after an episode. I have wild LOST fantasies and dreams. Sometimes LOST even lasts TWO hours. You can pause LOST to go answer your phone. Jack Shepherd/Matthew Fox is involved (totally Team Jack).

Clearly LOST > sex.

I cannot wait for tonight.

And yes, I do read this blog :)

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