Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Reader

My quest of 2008 best picture nominees continue as I laid down to watch 'The Reader'. I must admit, I'm a fan of Ray Fiennes. Red Dragon is an under rated movie that flew under the radar a majority of people. Kate Winslett was nominated for Best Actress. How could this movie possibly go wrong. Heading into it, I know of 2 great actors/actresses, recognized before for their skill, and a movie that is nominated for Best picture. One word: Unbelieveable. How in the world could this movie be as bad as it was?

The film was slow. I understand the story and all, serious etc... I like a serious movie just as much as the next guy. You see a lot of Kate boob. Is that a bonus? I mean I guess if you get as little action as I do, you gotta take what you can get. Was it a good story? It would be hard for me to say that if I read this book, I wouldn't like it. Was it transferred well on the screen? I don't think so. Do I ask too many questions while I write these reviews only to answer them myself? Probably. Ray Fiennes character was never really explained until the end. You're able to deduce that he's the grown up version of the boy, but still. Its definitely an area that could have been developed more. The scene with him at the end with the woman was just awkward and odd.

I think that Kate Winslett did do a good job, but sadly I don't think it was Best Actress worthy. I fell asleep during the first 30 min of Revolutionary Road so I'll have to give it another go to see if her nomination for that movie was worthy in my eyes.

I give the movie 2 Manatees.


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