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My last post seemed to be relatively well received and it was the first to move outside my movie review element. I wouldn't really describe my movie reviews as something that is going to really interest people, but more of something that my friends can read and make fun of me about. The Lost review was something that got a few more comments and caused a little more debate. Im hoping by branching out to TV and Restaurants, I can possibly gain a few more readers and have it be something of use. For TV, I'll mainly just stick to shows in general and not just episodes of shows unless I think it really warrants it. Restaurants will be a little tougher since I feel like I've gone to a lot of good restaurants already, but I'll create somewhat of a scale based on food, service, ambience and value. Please add any comments if you find something else a little more beneficial.

Restaurant Week. One of my favorite times of year in DC. I think a lot of people would probably argue that DC is pretty vanilla compared to other cities. Not quite as much character or something that it's known for, but I'm a firm believer we have some really great restaurants. Restaurant week allows us middle classers to check out some great restaurants on a tighter budget, because sadly, going out in the city for a nice dinner for 2 can be quite expensive. Probably one of the few reasons I'm okay with being single. The problem with restaurant week is that you have to choose your restaurants wisely. Some places use it as an opportunity to impress, others do it because they feel obligated to participate. Luckily for us Hook happened to be a restaurant that was trying to impress.

Reservations for 10 at 830. At that late of a time, the place should be bustlin', and it was. Walking in, the restaurant seems quite small. A location directly on M street makes it highly accessible to the Georgetown crowd. The bar area is dimly lit, lengthy, however, which makes it accessible to get a drink while you're waiting for your table. A nice touch is that there is a long table next to the bar that allows for another standing area if there is a longer wait. Walking down the restaurant, you come across a set of stairs which make a lot more sense, the restaurant turns out to be 2 storied and even has a sectioned off private room. Place has plenty of tables, all filled to the brim. The back room, which is slightly segregated from the rest, was a very nice touch for our group. With any large group, you can become overbearing with how loud the table can be and I felt that the walled separation brought about a better ambiance to all others at the restaurant.

The good fortune continued as the waiter brought out a dozen complimentary half shell oysters. I was a little weary, since some seafood scares me, oysters included, but they were quite tasty. The waiter was exceptionally helpful, especially when asked about the fish on the menu. More than a simple, 'its a white fish' he went into depth with the consistency, where its from, etc.. Wine flowed, food came out. Appetizers were a very healthy portion. I had tuna tartare which was quite tasty, but I think the steamed calimari was the biggest winner. Highly recommended to any who dine there in the future.

The fish was well prepared. I think we have nearly a full spread of everything they offered at our table. I can only speak for the Tombou Ahi which is a type of Tuna off the deep Pacific. Prepared rare, it was well prepared and flavorful. Surprisingly I had a bite of Tiffany's ribeye and it was phenomenal. I would give up bacon for a month to get that marinade recipe! Presentation of all the food was fantastic, and this was highlighted with the dessert. I know most people find presentation more of a formality, but I really think it does add to the overall meal.

Out of all the restaurants I've dined at, this ranks in the top tier for the Washington DC area. As with movies, ill be rating restaurants on a 5 manatee scale.

Ambiance - 4.5 Manatees. If the room was a little quieter, I think this would be a solid 5.

Food - I wish there was more on the menu along the idea of other seafood not fish, but I guess that's just in line with the the restaurant's name, 'Hook' since you can't necessarily catch shrimp or scallops on a hook. 4 Manatees.

Service - Impeccable. Very attentive, always filling water, always willing to assist in any way they can. 5 Manatees.

OVERALL - Top notch DC restaurant. One of the best I've had the pleasure of dining at. 4.5 Manatees


Your Humble Narrator said...

If you were a fan of Hook, I encourage you to check out it's little brother restaurant, Tacklebox, for a more casual and less expensive meal. It's located next door.

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