Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blog Crazy

So I'm on a roll so I might as well make another post. The other 2 posts were sitting in limbo before i finally posted them. I love starting things and not finishing them. I'm the king of that. Sodas, projects, work, you name it, I half-ass it. But not half-ass it in the way I don't put effort into it, I put a lot of effort into things, just not all the way to completion. But everyone has things they need to work on right?

Anyways, I started to try and stay up to date with all my friends blogs and I must admit. There are some SERIOUS bloggers out there. I mean it never even dawned on me to include links to other sites or youtube clips, pictures etc.. Is this something I should try to pursue or does it make this hobby a little too demanding? Someone please tell me what to do? Do people even read this to make it worth doing that?

Let's ask the audience.... What do you think?


Your Humble Narrator said...

I've read every entry you posted, though I'd appreciate a little more coverage of the bay area sports scene. Aside from that keep up the good work.

arian said...

I think you're doin a great job Mr Manatee. It's your blog so honestly, do whatever the fuck you want with it that makes it fun for you. You wanna include links, do it. Want movies, do that too. Just keep it from becoming a "job" kind of thing. It isn't fun when that happens. Keep up the good work sir.

Elisa said...

i like the makeover but you still need to make your text darker (and more terrorist-like, if possible). ;)

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