Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Public Enemies

I'm a little shocked that this movie hasn't gotten more press yet. Johnny Depp is always a winner, but more importantly, Michael Mann is a directorial God to me. The cast line up is pretty stacked, too though. Billy Crudup won't be sporting his blue penis, but perhaps he'll be just as good as he was in Almost Famous. Christian Bale is on a hot streak with this upcoming film, coupled with the new Terminator Salvation movie which looks absolutely incredible. Giovanni Ribisi is one of my favorite actors, not exactly sure why other than I guess Boiler Room (which in my opinion is a very underrated film). The list goes on. But the post is just as much about this movie as it is about Michael Mann. He chooses his projects selectively, and I've enjoyed each one to an absurd extent.

His most recent film, Miami Vice, was probably viewed as a bust. Unsurprisingly, I've probably seen it a dozen times. I find that Michael Mann's action sequences are pretty much the bar that everyone tries to attain, bringing a very 'real' feel to the scenes. His most infamous scene is the city gunfight scene in Heat. Definitely one of the best gun scenes of all time, if not THE best. If you have never seen Heat and you are a male, you should probably question your own gender, because this is a must for anyone with testicles. Pacino. De Niro. At their best. Need I say more?

Collateral was surprisingly one of the most badass roles for any guy to have. A gray-haired Tom Cruise? I never would have bought it, but Cruise pulled it off quite well. Only movie I can think of that shows a more badass believable male is Denzel Washington in Man on Fire.

Mann's resume continues with films such as: The Insider, Ali, and ESPECIALLY, The Last of the Mohicans. Arguably still one of Daniel Day-Lewis' best movies to date which is quite the statement. But Public Enemies is going to be quite the film, I have zero doubt. I assure you that I will be there, ready and waiting for when this movie opens up and I dare anyone to say that it isn't a good film.

Watch the preview below if you have yet to see the trailer: Enjoy.


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