Sunday, March 1, 2009

PF Chang's

Being partially Asian, saying that this place has good Chinese food is a sin. I'll probably be caned for it, literally, but I cannot tell a lie, I find it quite delicious. Yes that was a lot of commas, I know. I went to lunch with a few high school friends and we re-hashed old stories. It was fantastic. The food was delectable, the place was surprisingly busy for Saturday at 1 pm, and the server was attentive. I must say however, there are still a lot of observations I made about the restaurants that bothers me. I cannot be sure if this is the case at all locations, or just the Tysons 2 location in particular.

We got a Table for 4. If I remember correctly, PF Changs sells itself on the fact that its family style food. Typically speaking, you go to a family style restaurant, you think of getting a dish per person, thereabouts, and sharing each one. We order our food, make sure we aren't doubling up on anything that is too similar and wait for our food. Lettuce wraps come out, tasty as always. But when the food came out, there were some serious issues. How in the world could we fit four dishes, an appetizer plate, and our four plates, along with our water and cokes on the same table. These tables are PERFECTLY sized if everyone was eating their own dish, and it was placed in front of them. I mean I understand that the restaurant is trying to jam pack as many tables in there as possible, but what moron decided it was a good idea to get small tables at a 'family style' restaurant. Don't even get me started on their sauce plate. I mean, I know its pretty good, and Robby pretty much devours the whole thing, but its HUGE. The table is tight as it is. How can someone enjoy themselves when they have trouble fitting everything on their table.

I will admit, this happens every time I go to this location, but it doesn't stop me from coming. So maybe the idiot I referred to above is actually a genius. But I'd just like to complain. Get a better business plan. At least a better floor plan.


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