Sunday, March 8, 2009


Since moving to Ballston about 9 months ago, I have a go to place for getting my haircut. I got my haircut there before since its down the street from my office, but now its the only place I go to. It started when I heard the place was run by little Vietnamese women. I grew up with little Vietnamese women and find them funny to listen to. I really enjoyed going there because they will talk about customers in Vietnamese, assuming that no one can understand them. I don't really speak the language anymore, but can understand bits and pieces. After the first few times going there, the awkward haircut talks led to them discovering I was part Vietnamese. Now, one woman says hello to me EVERY time and i think its signaling all the others that I understand Vietnamese and to not talk about me.

So getting back to the point of this post. This place is the kind of place where they give you a hot towel massage afterwards. No, not in that sketchy way, although if only... Just kidding. So I get my haircut. I have about an 85% success rate there, which is why I keep going back. Haircut finishes. looks pretty decent. but here's where it gets interesting. She pulls out the hot towel which is always a nice touch. But the head massage begins. Since I've been coming to this place for awhile, I've had several different people cut my hair (I'm not one of those people that go back to the same person). What is the proper etiquette when receiving these massages? What if she's really bad at it? Do I tell her to stop? Has anyone ever told them to stop? They all talk amongst themselves, so if I happen to have a bad person this time, are they going to talk about how i asked them to stop the massage and then the next person I get won't do it? That would be disastrous. Do you think when they get hired at this place, they have to audition or they are told what to do. This woman is literally beating me with her two fists together on my back. I've paid a girl to hit me around before, but that was Vegas and I was naked, this is Ballston and I'm clothed. I sit there, asking myself when this is going to stop. She'd rub my head twice, then beat my back again. I'm not the skinniest of people and my shoulders probably could be a little stronger, but she was somehow able to smack the few exposed parts of my shoulder with just skin and bone, over and over.....and over. How she hit the few spots that I don't have a plethora of 'meat' is beyond me. It's a skill I assure you. I'm sure if i was turned to the mirror, I could see myself cringe each time.

I love the mini massage, but only if its done right. What should I do next time? Maybe I'll just close my eyes and pretend I'm in Vegas...


Elisa said...

haha i actually have a similar problem at the place i go to for mani/pedis, which is also run by little vietnamese women. mani/pedis come with a hand/foot massage, and most of the women are decent at it, a few are incredible, and with a few i just silently hope that it'll be over quickly. i don't ask for a specific woman when i go, but i think that's really the only way to prevent getting mangled (without creating a lot of awkwardness that you'll have to endure every time you go back anyway).

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