Monday, March 16, 2009

R.I.P. Drive by Argument

It was a short-lived journey, but it seems one of my new favorite bands, Drive by Argument broke up a couple weeks ago. I can't remember how I came across this band, but i instantly fell in love with them. They had a very unique fresh sound, and its very much in line with the stuff I've liked recently. I, like everyone else I'm sure, go through phases and I'm currently in my Indie music phase. Some of you might be somewhat familiar with the band based on me forcing them on you, or a post that Jon made on his blog. I thought they were on the rise, releasing their first album a year ago. I have it and think that almost every song on it is enjoyable. The notable songs are: Lower your Pieces, Sex Lines are Expensive Comedy, and Dance Like No One's Watching.

They started up a new band, I think with all of the same members, but with a slightly different sound. Less synthesizers and more guitar. I think it was all the synthesizing that made the band so appealing to me, but I'll give their new band Atlas Skye a go. They only have 3 songs up so far, but Seeing Shapes is pretty decent.

Still though, sad day. Maybe it'll be for the best though. From Something Corporate, came Jack's Mannequin. I'm sure everyone remembers Something Corporate who had great songs such as Konstantine and Cavanaugh Park. The lead singer Andrew McMahon started up Jacks Mannequin after the band broke up and I went to a show at 930 to see him. Man does this guy put on a performance. To this day, still one of the best concerts I've ever been to. If you don't think you've heard of them, you probably know this song. Here's another one you should check out though, Dark Blue.

Very talented guy. He came out with a new album this past fall which I just learned about, so I'll definitely give it a whirl. Here's one of their newer songs, Dropout. I recommend you check it out.


Sasha Fierce said...

i don't know anything about that band but i like the new setup!

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